Saturday, April 04, 2009

You Knew This Was Coming

You've probably guessed that this is coming, but here it is: this blog is no more.

For those who are curious, I did get into graduate school—I got into the school that's kind of been my dream school, actually—and that's part of the reason to wrap things up here: I don't consider it likely that I'll be coming into any unanticipated reservoirs of time while trying to earn a PhD from a top program. I have a full tuition waiver and a living-wage stipend, and I'll be doing some freelance editing to round things out, I think, so I do anticipate being quite busy.

I learned an awful lot about personal finance while writing this blog—it really helped me get a grip on my adult life in a lot of ways, actually. But I think I've reached the end of this particular road. To me, personal finance is a foundation, such that once you've grasped it, you can go on to concentrate on other things. Not that you can ever really stop thinking about money entirely, especially with the state of the current economy, etc., etc., but at some point I do think one is in a holding pattern. I'm in a holding pattern with money—a pretty comfortable one. And I know that things will be pretty rocky when I take a 35% pay cut—I'll have to rework a lot of my financial routine—but my savings and good habits put me in a pretty good position, and I hope to achieve enough in graduate school, and enjoy it enough, that it's worth the opportunity cost. It's a hell of an opportunity, that's for sure.

Because my identity is now so closely tied to this blog (I've just never been good at anonymity), I'll either be password-protecting it or taking it down shortly. I hope that you do follow me over at my other blog, which will be rebooting shortly, now that the graduate school plans have been set.

Thank you for reading, commenting, and being interesting.