Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Decision 2008

At least one decision's already been made: this blog is on hiatus until January 3, 2009. I'm sorry, but having the anxiety of not-posting isn't fun for me, and it can't be fun for you guys to check back and find nothing. I'm super-psyched about the notes I got from people interested in writing in this space, and hope that you will still be interested in two months; I'll think about it then. At that time I will have all my graduate applications done and will be the possessor of a lot more time. I apologize for this interruption in service. I'll see you on the other side!

And for the love of all that's holy, VOTE.

(Quick update: it is looking more and more likely that my roommates and I indeed did not pay our last month's rent on signing the lease, which would that the management company, while incompetent in a number of ways, is not actually screwing us. It also means that we really don't know what happened to the money I put down, because I was out of state and the beloved-but-extremely-disorganized K and our former roommate were handling things directly. This makes things harder. This money may have to be chalked up to "stupid tax" and a lesson learned.)


Anonymous said...

We'll miss you! In the meantime check out this site (motorola.com/krave). I work with Motorola and I can say this is one of their best phones yet...

Money Maus said...

Good luck with everything. Sorry about the apartment deposit.

I agree with anon, we'll miss you!

Skye said...

Hi there,

Skye here, from BlogHerAds. I tried to reach you by email but I fear my email went into your spam folder. Drop me a line when you get a minute.

skye at blogher dot com

Jerry said...

Well, we know what happened with the election and I was thrilled! I hope that Obama's administration truly leads to change as he promises. Of course, he has to deal with 2 wars, health insurance mess and a failing economy. I don't really envy the guy.


Chris @ BuildMyBudget said...

Yeah, hurry up and get your stuff straight so you can get back to writing! And thank god Obama won!

Sistah Ant said...

Alright woman - where are you!

Cheryl Marland said...

Hey, I hope you're back at it. Time off is good for the soul and so is writing. Who cares if any of us care what you write? Write what you want. It's 2009 now. You're going to do great.

Anonymous said...

We miss you, English Major!

krystalatwork said...

Come baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

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Little Miss Moneybags said...

I hope you're coming back to blogging soon! My boyfriend just got sucked into the PF blogosphere, and he found your blog and sent me a link, saying "This seems like something you'd enjoy reading!". And I WOULD! :)

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Trevor @ Financial Nut said...

Haven't heard from you for awhile! Keep us posting!

Bonnie said...

Please come back, English Major!

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