Friday, June 20, 2008

Mental Math (Just a note to myself...)

So, my current credit card bill: $707. I just transfered $350 over there from checking ($200 from my last slush pile freelance check, $150 that should be budgeted, for a nutritionist session). K owes me $210 from our Ikea run. I'm returning two pairs of shoes and a dress. Covered.

Now the trick is hoping I haven't done too much damage to the checking account itself...I've been eating out a lot.


diningoncents said...

Everything sounds reasonable, considering you just moved into a new place. Its hard to budget as closely with such big changes taking place. As for the nutritionist session, could you elaborate a little more on that? I'm extremely interested in good healthy food and would love to hear what you're learning there!

english major said...

diningoncents, though I don't talk much about it on the blog, I have an ongoing medical issue involving my endocrine system, and the right kind of diet can help mitigate the repercussions of that problem. I see a nutritionist every two weeks, to the tune of $150--yes, it's very expensive, but it's been worth it to me. (I do hope to reduce the frequency to once every three or four weeks by the end of the year, though.) Although a lot of the stuff we do is specific to my medical profile, I think some stuff, like steady caloric distribution and incorporating high-quality carbohydrates (especially in the current carb-phobic climate), are generally applicable as well. We do a lot of work on good balance (I try to work protein, fat, and fiber into every meal), which is both endocrine-healthy for me and healthy in general.

Sierra said...

Hey, EM:

Good health is certainly worth any cost. I'm actually in the process of getting tested for potential problems, the most likely of which involves *my* endocrine system. I have a family history of thyroid problems, so it was only time before I was affected. It's certainly treatable, but it's one more thing -- to deal with, yes, and to budget.

Your situation may be very different from mine as I haven't found much research that supports a healthy diet in conjunction with thyroid health. The endocrine system, of course, is a huge system, so we may be fighting very different battles. I am, however, a big believer in what you eat affects overall health so if you had general tips, I agree with diningoncents -- let's hear it!

You know, food these days is just...awful. I say that, but what I mean is the Standard American Diet. Even classics like peanut butter (that is, Jiffy, Skippy, etc. Not the natural kinds) are full of crap. Preservatives? No, thanks though. My fiance is a phlebotomist and we noticed that some mustard at a fairly nice restaurant contained the same ingredient that he works with everyday to preserve blood. Yum. Totally delicious stuff.

That's quite a distracted tangent and I apologize for that. I had some blood drawn this morning and I'm still a bit woozy. Clearly, it's affecting my thought process. : )

Hope you're well.

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