Friday, June 27, 2008

Oh, Summer

Okay, I've figured out the summer spending thing: half the problem is that when I leave work, it doesn't feel like the day is over. It's light and beautiful outside, and I find myself wanting to take walks, go to movies, get drinks with friends, drink iced know, money-costing things. I am heartily disinclined to just head home to make dinner and curl up with a book.

With that in might, I think I might be able to begin planning for that--there's a big difference between going for a walk, having a packed picnic with a friend, and getting a drink and eating an impromptu dinner out and then paying $11.50 (!) for a movie ticket. Not that I'm going to stop seeing movies entirely, of course, but if I acknowledge this not-going-home-after-work-in-the-summer preference and try to work with it, I may be able to save some money without negatively influencing my enjoyment & social life.

One thing I think is going to be important is packing a couple of afternoon snacks--that way, I won't have to buy food out if I just want to take a walk or sit around Union Square for a bit. I had a Clif Nectar bar yesterday that I tried out on a whim from my new local supermarket, and really liked it--carrying around a couple, plus maybe an apple and a hardboiled egg (obviously can't just leave that in my bag like a bar, but still) should get me pretty far.


Sierra said...

You should try Luna bars, too. They're cheaper (usually), far tastier and have fewer calories (if that's an issue). Celery + peanut butter is a good, filling, inexpensive option too. If there's a Whole Foods (or Akin's, Wild Oats, whatever) look for pepitas. I'm not sure how much they'll run you up, but they're great for a quick snack.

Money Maus said...

It really is funny how much "easier" it is to spend money in the summer with the fantastic weather... :)

Little Miss Moneybags said...

I carry snacks with me too, and have found it's saved me a lot of money. I usually carry Nature Valley fruit and nut trail mix bars or individual serving packs of nuts (cashews, almonds, or peanuts). I stock up at Costco to save even more.

MEG said...

You're so right about spending more in the summer because the days are so long. In winter I always go straight home from work - it's dark by 6pm after all. But in summer every night seems like a Friday night; since it's light until almost 9pm it seems ridiculous to go home and flip on the TV at 7pm!

GG @ This Writer's Wallet said...

Like everyone else, I totally get the summer spending. Sunshine at 8 PM? I think I should be out, having fun with someone somewhere. Translation: spending money on food or shopping.

In winter, however, I pretty much hermitted away because of the snow and cold, so I'll still take summer, spending and all.

Jen said...

In addition to a snack I make a point to always carry a (refillable) bottle of water ... it really cuts back on my impulse bottled water/soda purchases while walking in the park, running errands, etc. If you're not a water fan it can help to carry some of those "on the go" drink pouches too.

Kim said...

I hear ya! I don't get home from work until 7pm most nights, but that still means there's an hour plus of light! And the weekends...mmmmm. We went to Yosemite this weekend (see blog) and it was just so luxurious to sit around lazily outdoors!

Kiwi said...

I'm having a bit of an opposite experience to you at the moment - where I live it's winter at the moment, and I leave for work and arrive home in the dark, so it's really easy to get home, curl up with a book, and not spend any money. So my bank balances are looking not too bad at the moment :)
btw I'm a big fan, long time lurker, first time poster. Just started a PF blog of my own. So, might see you round the blogosphere.

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