Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Housekeeping II: Electric House-a-loo!

I'm sorry for the template craziness. I imagine if you've been browsing here for the last couple of hours, you've noticed some major change with each click. Sorry!

What happened, short version, is that I'm inept. Long version, I tried to make peek-a-boo posts work on the red-and-white-and black template I was using (and liking) for about twelve hours there, but used the wrong code...and in my quest to get it all back to normal, I accidentally upgraded to some new Blogger Beta codelanguage and now that template, which really, I liked a lot, doesn't work. I'm looking for a new one, so the site may continue to morph a little as the day goes on, but the bulk of the change is behind us.

Thanks for hanging in!


HC said...

I'm currently working on my template (I have an extra blog that I use just for testing), and I've finally found one that I mostly like.

However, like you, I couldn't get it to work in Beta Blogger, until I went to the "Edit HTML" tab, scrolled ALL the way down, and clicked the "use classic template" button. And like magic, all the "XML not properly formed" error messages went away.

So if you really want your old template back, I'd try that.

Stingy Student said...

How do you like the new blogger? I'm holding off on switching because it sounds like they've got some kinks to work out.

English Major said...

stingy student, there are definitely things that still need to be worked out--observe how a bunch of the comments on this blog have become anonymous, for example, which makes me crazy, but which is, I expect, irreversible. There's kind of a risk-reward scenario, though, because if they never manage to fix that, there are even more comments that would have been garbled if I'd done this two months from now. Still, I imagine that this didn't happen to everyone who switched--I did make the switch sort of accidentally, so I'm sure I'm partially to blame. Some of the new features are great--mostly the hierarchized archives (they look scraggly on some templates, but stunning on others) and the tags. Based on the research I've done today, it also seems to me that New Blogger is easier to customize than Old Blogger--just harder to learn how to customize.