Tuesday, January 09, 2007


If you hate the new template, here's the place to tell me so!

(You can tell me if you love it, too.)

(If you're ambivalent, you can tell me that, too.)


ispf said...

I thought I typed the URL wrong, when I landed on your new template :) I like both your old and the new templates. Both are nice and simple.

That said, if you choose to stick with the new one, I wanted to point out one thing. Since the main reading panel is now wider, and has a white background, it feels like there is too much text on the front page. One possible way to get around this might be to use the "peekaboo posts" hack which shows only the summary on the front page with a "read more..." link, for long posts.

These hacks are available at http://hackosphere.blogspot.com/ or

just my $0.02

Anonymous said...

It looks nice, but it is quite wide on higher resolution screens and that makes it difficult to read. (I am so disappointed to read ispf's comment, by the way, wherein I learned that I reinvented the wheel. I spent three hours today STARING at my code trying to add a second sidebar and finally succeeded, feeling a huge swell of pride, but the second link listed has it all nicely laid out. I could have saved a lot of time!)

English Major said...

ispf, thanks for the links. I once tried to do the "peekaboo post" thing on my old template, and couldn't make it work--I ended up with the little "Read more" link at the bottom of every post, not just breaking up the overlong ones. I'll try to figure it out this time.

strange bird, is it so wide that it requires horizontal scrolling? Because that's no good, but I also don't know how to fix it. My talents in this area are pretty much limited to deductive reasoning: I can figure out what something in my template does and change and/or reproduce it, but I can't add something new fro scratch (I can, however, try to learn, or look for a new template).


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Without meaningful, high-impact text, it's window-dressing, and lacks substance.

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S/100/30 said...

Haaaate. I expect to see fairy graphics and tributes to Justin Timberlake any day now ;).

But it won't keep me from reading.

English Major said...

Sarah, right now I'm tinkering. I had a pretty red/black/white simple thing going on, and then I tried to do something fancy, and then it went kablooie. Currently I'm just trying to get back to square one.

Michael said...

I liked the elegant red, white and black design... I hope you can salvage it. But remember that it's all about the content in a blog like this.