Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Housekeeping III: Revenge of the Housekeeping

So, in the transition to the uneasy peace I've made with New Blogger, two things have happened:

1) A ton of comments have been stripped of identifying information. It doesn't seem to have happened to comments left with Blogger identities, but names entered and links to non-Blogger blogs seem to have disappeared into the internet black hole. I'll poke around, but I doubt it's reversible. Never fear, commenters: because of the beauty of Gmail, I still know who you are! I'll do what I can as per getting information and links reattached to comments.

2) I have totally ripped off Tired But Happy's layout. Sorry, TBH. I didn't notice until I squinted at my own blog and went, "Huh. That looks familiar." As soon as my computer-induced headache wears off, I'll try to work on the whole not-identical thing.

Oh, wait, one more thing:

3) I gained access to a whole bunch of features that I will begin struggling to master. Some of them look pretty solidly awesome, though, so...that's a plus.

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