Monday, March 12, 2007


So, I got one of those "You're pre-approved!" credit card solicitations in the mail this weekend, which isn't all that unusual, except that this one was for a card I wanted, American Express Blue. I'd actually applied for the Blue card some months ago, feeling like I should really have more than one kind of card (my current card is a Chase Freedom Visa), but copped out on the application when American Express wanted me to hold while they called my bank to verify something or other.

Anyway, I filled that sucker out and dropped it in a mailbox before I realized that I wasn't entirely sure that this was Blue Cash, and not just another rewards program. Oops! Although actually, no big deal--I could just switch my Chase Freedom card over from points to cash back, and still have the security of having two cards.


Anonymous said...

what other credit cards do you recommend?

English Major said...

I wouldn't pretend to be an expert on credit cards for a second, but I think the important thing is to find a card that matches your spending habits. I never, ever, ever carry a balance, so for me, the most important things to look for are the complete absence of fees and the rewards--a few APR points one way or the other doesn't make much difference to me, since I never pay finance charges. If you do carry a balance, obviously you want the lowest possible interest rate.

I use, as the post mentions, a Chase Freedom Visa, and hopefully soon, the American Express Blue. I'd recommend checking with your bank to see what offers are available to you.

Flower said...

Blue from American Express is really great. I believe it offers the lowest APR on purchases and balance transfer. Unfortunately, it is only for people with good or excellent credit.