Monday, July 09, 2007

Eight Things About Me

Mapgirl tagged me, so here are eight things you may not have known about your humble blogger.

1. I follow the Casey Serin saga with the enthusiasm of a housewife watching her stories.
2. My favorite Shakespeare is Twelfth Night. I find it extremely strange and kind of creepy, which is part of why I like it so much. I wrote a paper in college about how it subverts genre expectation--a lot of people think it's sort of the epitome of the Shakespearean marriage comedy, but I think they're entirely wrong.
3. The only thing James Joyce ever wrote that I have not read is Finnegans Wake, and I have no plans to rectify this omission.
4. Sometimes I eat sorbet for breakfast and pretend it's fruit.
5. I drink enormous amounts of seltzer. When I was a kid, my parents used to get crates of it delivered in those glass bottles with the carbonating tops, like clowns squirt in old movies. Now I'm hooked.
6. I hate humidity.
7. I smoke the occasional cigarette: about one pack every two weeks.
8. I cry just thinking about the final montage of Six Feet Under. Seriously.

No pressure, but if I were to tag folks, they'd be s/100/30, the Bizarros, gradgirl, and Wanda.


mapgirl said...

One pack every two weeks? That makes you a smoker. Try one pack a month or year. I'm an occasional smoker and while I buy about 2 packs a year, I think I only smoke about a pack in year and give the rest away or they go stale.

If you're buying them with any regularity, you're a smoker. (Sorry, I'm down on habitual smokers having been driving out of one too many smoky bars due to a nascent asthma attack. I shouldn't even occasionally smoke, but I admit. I kind of like them, just not too often.)

FWIW, my favorite Shakes is probably The Comedy of Errors.

gaga said...

OK as long as we're talking about smoking I am proud to announce that after 31 years of smoking (1 1/2 to 2 packs daily for the past 10 years at least) I finally went on Chantrix and today I have had my first smoke free day in many many years!

Twelfth Night is my favorite too. In 5th grade I did a class presentation and designed the costumes and makeup for a pretend production. I had visual aids and quotes to back up my choices. I think it went over their heads.

Chuck said...

I used to occasionally smoke in college as well, about the same amount - 1 pack every 2 weeks or so, maybe at my height I was at a pack a week. Though when I got out of college and they banned smoking in bars / restaurants here in New York I stopped, haven't had a cigarette in probably 5 years. I do crave one sometimes, there was nothing quite like having a smoke on a chilly night outside just to get out and clear your thoughts.

English Major said...

mapgirl, I identify as a smoker, but real smokers think I'm a lightweight, so I hedge my bets. I also had asthma (as a kid), so I also probably shouldn't be smoking at all...but I like it, and I periodically stop for a few months, just to prove I can. So far, I still can.

Congratulations, gaga!

And chuck, I entirely agree—I like to smoke and walk on cold nights sometimes.

mapgirl said...

ah, so you're averaging out to 2 packs a month? It's good to be able to stop completely. I think that's the difference between casual smokers and the truly addicted, the ability to just stop.

I'll have to check out 12th Night now since two people have endorsed it. :-D

So now I'll ask, what's your favorite cigarette? Mine is Nat Shermans. That's why I can't afford to buy more than a pack or two a year! LOL!

English Major said...

I smoke Nats, too, Mapgirl! I figure if I don't smoke that much, I can absorb the price difference. I might as well enjoy my cigarettes if I don't smoke that much, you know?

And yep, I come out to about 2 packs/month, or 3 packs/2 months, depending on how many I give away.