Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Clothes for English majors!

It totally, completely, 100% makes my day that two Google search strings have brought people here, and they are

Dont major in English
clothes for English majors (I am, in fact, the first search result for this string, ahead of Dartmouth's paper, which offers an article that is, in fact, directly on point--this totally delights me.)

I want to talk to the people who visited this blog because of these searches, particularly the clothing one. In my opinion, English majors are by and large well-dressed. You get a few of the "Clothing is SUPERFICIAL. I read BOOKS. Books are DEEP" types, but on the whole, most English majors are pretty style-savvy, tending to be interested in doing interesting things with their clothing and often into thrifting. Perhaps it is the transference of minute focus on issues of literary style, that is, an understanding both analytical and affective of presentation.

Dear clothes for English majors searcher,

Email me! Let's talk about English-major style!

Somewhat premature holiday greetings,
English Major


Tiredbuthappy said...

"Clothing is SUPERFICIAL. I read BOOKS. Books are DEEP."

Ouch. That one hit a little too close to home.

An English Major Whose Sense of Fashion Was Once Described as "Nerdy Chic"

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm an art history major but I have to say that the architecture and design students are the ones who are best-dressed.

English Major said...

tiredbuthappy--no worries. I spent all of high school and some of college, like, boycotting the idea of caring about my appearance. I parody that thinking because I've thought that way myself for much of my life.

anonymous--like Laura on Project Runway!

obw said...

ok a couple of things
first off I am LOVING this blog - I'm about to finish my last year at a liberal arts college, am an English major, and have officially hit "my major is useless and I'm going to be broke forever" mode. So it has been wonderful reading your posts as well as the comments of others. I'm opening a Roth IRA next week! Harrah.

Also, I was just thinking the other day how I miss really exploring style and welling great clothes - after a while, college life has sort of turned me into a plain jeans and t-shirt wearer. Maybe when I start working full-time I will change it up..maybe buy some tweed.

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