Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cyber Monday

Today isn't Monday, and "Cyber Monday" is kind of made up. But there really do seem to be some good sales on online shopping. I just combined a 30% off "Customer Appreciation" sale (yesterday and today) with a "$50 off orders of $150 or more" coupon to end up getting a dress, a blazer, a pair of jeans and two bras for $105 ($117 less than the items' total full price). The best part is that I already had $100 in my virtual envelope for clothing, so it's not even an unanticipated splurge. It's really nice not to feel guilty about shopping, and if I've had the money earmarked for that purpose, I don't.

My next clothing purchase will be a dress for holiday parties (my parents' Christmas Eve cocktail party, the company party, &c.), a pair of shoes for ditto, and a new pair of boots. And hopefully, because I'll be earmarking money for that purchase in advance, I won't feel guilty then, either. Definitely a point in good budgeting's favor.

If you're a plus size or shopping for someone who is, check it out, and don't forget the extra coupons.

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