Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Languishing At Work

It's 6:46, I'm still at work, with 35 pages of reading left to go. At least I'm not missing out on boyfriend-time, because he's out at a volunteer orientation (actually, this is a personal finance decision too--if he volunteers for RightRides, they buy him a ZipCar membership, which means we can drive when it suits our financial needs: to do big, stocking-up rounds of grocery shopping or to visit a museum outside the city instead of paying for train tickets, &c.). But all day I've been getting through the day going, "I'll just get done and get out of here and get some ice cream and go home and watch a NetFlix movie." I'm tired enough that going out of my way to get the ice cream is unappealing, and it's late enough that the grocery store downstairs from our apartment will be closed. I've just saved myself $5, and if I bring my lunch to work again tomorrow, I'll have done a little something towards making up for my hideous weekend spending.

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