Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Another Hit to the Emergency Fund

My computer charger crapped out, recently--just sputtered, blinked a few times, and died. I had borrowed my sister's, but now she's back from her summer job, so I had to buy a new one. I brought the off-brand (the same kind I had before, the one that just died--but I've had Apple chargers too and not noticed any quality difference) for $50 (the Apple charger is $80). Instead of taking more money out of the E-fund, I'm going to cashflow it from my next paycheck and call the extra $50 (over my autodrafts) that I was planning to put in the E-fund this month a wash.

This is annoying, but not a big deal--mostly because I've got some money put away.


krystalatwork said...

Ugg, replacing Apple accessories is always such a pain in the butt b/c their products are always so much more expensive than the generic brands. Good job on saving the $30!

story girl said...

That's why you have an emergency fund really, for when things happen that need to be fixed. If things happen and you don't have the money, it would be a catastrophe, but now it's just annoying

Anonymous said...

How old is your Mac? The power supply is covered under the 1yr warranty so a quick call to 1800APLCARE will get a replacement sent out to you for free. Alternatively, you can take the broken one into a local Apple Store, along with your Mac (so you can prove its age).

SF Money Musings said...

Apple products are expensive to maintain and replace! The hard drive on my friend's powerbook died recently and she tried to get a tech at work to make the repairs in hopes of saving money - she ended up getting another powerbook instead.

Anonymous said...

That's a myth. Apple repairs are no more expensive than other computer makers. Your friend could have bought a 60GB drive for $60 from other world computing and the tech could have used ifixit.com instructions to replace the drive. It's not difficult. She probably just wanted a new computer, and used this as an excuse :)

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