Friday, August 03, 2007

July Net Worth

Since I had two months' worth of rent sitting in my checking account at the end of June, I predicted that I'd come out flat for July. And I would have, too, if the Dow hadn't taken its little tumble right at the end of the month. Consolation? My 401(k) buy was at a nice low price.

My new net worth is $17,057, with a net change of -1.03%.

Next month may be a very bizarre month for my net worth, depending on whether or not I get my medical reimbursements in by then. Fingers crossed.

I'm still looking at $20,000 as a net worth goal for the year. I think it's doable. It means my net worth needs to increase by about $600/month, which may be a stretch (especially since my 401(k) match maxes out soon--it's dollar-for-dollar up to $1,500), but I think I can get there.


mOOm said...

You can count the reimbursements as "receivables" and the rent you hadn't paid as "payables" and it will smooth out your net worth numbers if that helps. This is standard accounting practice.

SavingDiva said...

Good luck reaching your year end goal of $20k. It looks totally doable!

belleandthecity said...

Just wanted to say good luck reaching your net worth goal, I think you can do it!

I really identify with your blog--I moved to the city and took an entry level job with a non-profit I loved and found it incredibly hard to pay off debt and save money AND have fun in this great city. It is possible though, and once you get to your first goal it gets easier and easier to keep going!