Thursday, August 30, 2007

Whoops...forgot to blog (And: August goals update)

Sorry for the unexpected mini-hiatus there, you guys. I've been frantically busy lately--there were four birthday parties in a row, and my parents got home from their vacation, and I'm overwhelmed at work...anyway, I've got lots of stuff stored up to say.

But first? An update on my August goals.

1. Keep a very careful eye on medical reimbursements
I've been okay about this. The first one came through really easily, but the second one got caught somewhere in the works, and I've called twice to follow up. The most recent time, they assured me that it just needed to be keyed in by their claims department. I'm not totally convinced, so this may need another follow-up call. I also have a new set of bills to submit--when all this is paid out, the Freedom Fund ought to be up to its pre-disbursement mark.

2. Make sure my Bank of America CD is not rolled over
Check. All of my non-investment savings are now liquid and in one place: my ING account.

3. Add $150 to the Freedom Fund
Check. I also paid $50 out of the FF for my new laptop charger, so I guess I added $200 gross, but there's a $150 net difference.

4. Stash $175 away for the wedding
Check. Considering that I bought a dress for $62 plus shipping and put away $120 for spending money over that weekend, I allocated about $190 to wedding-related stuff this month. K and I also bought wedding presents last night, for about $60 (we got them a cast iron pan and a set of pretty mixing bowls from their registry at Crate and Barrel). My half of that will come out of my gift fund.