Thursday, August 02, 2007

Update on July Goals

Remember how there were goals for July?

Here's how they went:
1. Add $250 to the Freedom Fund.
Check. I actually added $325 (including interest).

2. Add an extra $20 to the Travel Fund.
Nope. I just didn't find it compelling—I rediscovered something that's true about me here, which is that I'm not a multitasker. I like to give all of my focus to one project (in this case, building the Freedom Fund), and so while the money was there, I wanted to allocate it elsewhere.

3. Submit the things I need to submit.
Funny I should mention, eh? I submitted my invoices and was paid, and I submitted my flex spending reimbursement form (and got a check yesterday). And as for submitting the controversial medical bills? Well, it didn't happen in July, but it did happen today, so, mission accomplished, albeit two days late.

4. "Eat down" food stores.

5. Buy Feist album.
Check. And it's a great one.


Jon said...

Impressive! I have a hard time even setting goals, let alone fulfilling all of them.

Him said...

'bout time you got the new Feist album!

My favorite song: Past In Present

English Major said...

I like "Brandy Alexander" particularly, and "1 2 3 4."

SJean said...

Your goals very are well defined and achievable!

Good work

beth said...

It's really awesome to see you lay your goals out, and explain your steps in achieving (or not achieving) them.