Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Charitable Conclusion

So after quite a lot of thought, here's what I did with the $180 I couldn't work up the resolve to donate:

I spent it on clothes.

Well, okay, not all of it. But it is, indeed, all earmarked to spend on clothes for the fall. This will also benefit my savings accounts, because once my new fall stuff is bought, my clothing allotment can start going into savings again, as it was this summer.

I thought a lot about what my commenters said, especially Single Ma's note about the spirit of giving, and I decided to give myself a break for the replenishment of that spirit. With my next paycheck, however, I will get back on the horse immediately, and I will do some research on new recipients for my gifts. Part of what spurred this exhaustion and resentment is being in a rut with my charitable giving.

I will also take this new information into account as I try to work out a giving plan for next year, when I want to have a more concrete plan.


Mrs. Micah said...

Having a plan makes it less stressful, I think.

If you don't give now, then you can't regret giving, which will also probably make it easier to give in the future.

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