Monday, September 10, 2007

Wedding Weekend Spending

Spending this weekend went quite well--the bulk of my spending was on the taxi out to the airport and on two luxurious room service meals (delivered to the startlingly lovely room K's parents got for us, bless their generous hearts).

Perhaps because we were staying in the city's official Fancy Hotel, I was disappointed in my cocktail-comparison project. Prices at the "upscale" lounge in the hotel's basement (I put this in scare quotes because to my jaded New Yorker's eye it seemed they were trying far, far too hard, and still overlooking somewhat obvious issues--for example, the fact that "lounge atmosphere" and "sports games on television behind the bar" patently do not mix) were comparable to average NYC bar prices, though certainly not comparable to "fancy hotel lounge" cocktail prices. Still, I guess I was expecting a bigger differential, and perhaps I would have seen one if K and I had made it out to the more casual bar with his sister, her husband, and their aunt & uncle after the reception.

I stuck to the free drinks (mmm, chocolate martinis!) at the reception, myself--K and I ended up skipping afterparties on both Friday and Saturday nights, pleading exhaustion (and/or disdain for that hotel bar, and/or need of foot massage in wake of wearing of very painful but very beautiful Lulu Guinness shoes). And because the meals we were eating tended to be so large, there wasn't call for more than two of them a day, only one of which cost us money.

So, I ended up spending $80 for the weekend, though I think I owe K a lunch. I'll be saving $20 extra--but I'm going to use the other extra $20 to buy myself lunch today (and pick up some groceries on the way home). Our flight got in awfully late last night.


Anonymous said...

I've taken a subway+bus to and from the NYC airport.

I understand not wanting to do that, it was a complete pain, but it cost about $4.

English Major said...

Was it...
a) at 4 a.m.?
b) at 10:30 p.m. when you have to be at work the next morning?