Wednesday, September 05, 2007

August Net Worth

My net worth rebounded this month, to $17,929--an increase of 5.11%. I'm $40 away from maxing out my 401(k) match, so after this, it will be slower going, but I still think that I can achieve a goal of $20,000 in net worth by the end of the year.

Pursuant to advice received, I'm counting the insurance reimbursements I'm owed as receivables. Otherwise, the numbers would be artificially deflated. Hopefully, by the next time I do this calculation, that money will all be back in the "cash" category and in my ING account.


Ms. M&P said...

Congrats are nearly maxing out your 401(k)! I wish I could max out something other than my credit cards. lol!

English Major said...

I wish I were maxing out the $15,000 contribution limit--instead, I'm just maxing out the company match ($1,500). Nevertheless, thanks!