Monday, September 24, 2007


My big medical claim was just processed by my insurance company--it popped up on my online claim center--which means that I can start looking for that big fat check in the mail, and start looking forward to re-beefing up the ol' Freedom Fund.

So that's good news.

Other good news: I decided to buy three pairs of tights, a pair of season must-have buckled ankle boots, and a sweater just as a 30% off coupon for the online retailer in question rolled into my inbox.

...and I have a meeting with both of my bosses in a couple of hours to discuss, I guess, my raise and/or potential promotion. And I am terrified. I'm debating forwarding on to them an email I received today from an author about how great I am, but I think that's too blatantly self-aggrandizing, and I'll let it go.


finance girl said...

Good luck in meeting re: promotion. I have done this many times throughout my career and have never regretted it.

I did have some headbutting but stick to your guns anyway and the reasons you are valuable enough for them to give you that promotion.

You can do it!!!

Anonymous said...

Write down exactly what you want to say beforehand! Be prepared to face up to any criticisms, and bring in emails giving you praise, etc....don't show up empty-handed!

GradGirl said...

I'm sure the meeting will go well. Best wishes.. though, it might be over now. :)