Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Doing the End-of-Year Shuffle

So, I got the promotion. Sort of. As I'd been predicting to friends for a few days, it's a sort of halfway solution. It comes with a title change, a 6.25% raise (6.25% of not a lot is not a lot), some new editorial responsibilities, and a little bit less administrative responsibility. The problem, when this was laid out for me, was quite evident: if I'm only offloading a tiny bit of work (the admin stuff I did for my big boss), and getting a bunch of new stuff, effective immediately, doesn't that mean I have more work, total? Yes. Yes, it does.

So I thought about it for a bit and wrote an email to both of my bosses suggesting a solution: transfer one of my (least-liked!) responsibilities from me to a co-worker. I talked to the co-worker in question about it; she seemed amenable. I put that in the email. I mentioned also that I'd consider it a perk of the title change.

And they agreed! So that is a real improvement. I hate doing that task (it involves keeping track of a lot of dates and coordinating communications with a lot of difficult people and filling out boring forms), and will appreciate not having to do it, both in terms of time and in terms of boring. And I did some negotiating! So I'm pretty proud of that, actually.

Next up: picking a gym to join with the money from my raise! (Don't worry, I'll also be bumping up my 401(k) contributions.)

11 comments: said...

Absolutely wonderful! I am happy for you, especially on the negotiating part!

SF Money Musings said...

Have you considered joining the 92nd Stree Y? They offer classes and a variety of fitness programs. Their facilities seem clean from what I remember a few years ago.

It's probably cheaper than Club One, Crunch or Equinox if those are in your vicinity.

belleandthecity said...

Congratulations! It must be hard to negotiate twice (first for the promotion and then again for a better perk!) but it's a good thing to do.

I know in the city many health insurance plans offer discounts to certain gyms which can save $10-15 a month and cover the initiation fee (United and NYSC have this). Your benefits person would probably know more!

Mrs. Micah said...

That's great! :) Raises are nice, but having responsibilities you prefer is even better! (IMO)

Escape Brooklyn said...

Congrats! I've been happy with NY Sports Club, and maybe your company can get a discounted corporate rate? Just stay the heck away from Bally's.

English Major said...

Interesting you should mention, Escape Brooklyn--we do get a discount rate at NYSC, and I am deciding between there and Bally's. Location is an issue--I'm in East Harlem. There's a Bally's on 106th & 2nd (my roommate's a member; he likes it), and they KEEP SAYING that the NYSC on 115th & 5th will open ANY DAY NOW, but it doesn't. So, I'm up in the air.

I have considered the 92nd Street Y, sf. But I hate getting on the subway in workout clothes. It's pathological. But it's true.

Thanks for your congratulations, guys!

Thanks for your congratulations, guys!

Chitown said...


That is a good step in the right direction. =)

brittany said...

I'm a member at bally's (holdover contract from michigan) in ny, and i really don't think its that bad. just make sure you sign a month-to-month deal instead of a 3 year contract.

i find it has what i need (mostly treadmills/weights/etc) but isn't too fancy.

Anonymous said...

Good moves. Have a Happy New Year!

One advice, pay off debts faster before upping your 401k. The sooner you pay off debts, the sooner you'll be able to contribute 10% to your 401k.


SavingDiva said...

I consider my gym membership one of my necessities!

Congrats on the raise! 6% is at least a raise! :)

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