Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Substantially Belated November Goals Update!

There were goals; here's how they went:

1. Don't dip into my savings for my trip to France.
Check, with $100 to spare!

2. Add $700 to the Freedom Fund
Check! I actually sent $825 over there, including the $100 surplus from my non-spending in France. That's definitely my best month ever, even for a three-paychecker. I'm so close to that year-end $5,500 goal, I can practically smell it.

3. Get reimbursed on the last medical bill & my flex spending
Half a check! Flex yes, medical no. I did discover that I'd lost two bills, and got new copies of them from my doctor, so the stuff is all ready to go.

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krystalatwork said...

Wow you really did well for your November goals!! Congrats! :) That's a ton of money to put away in your Freedom Fund. Keep it up!