Friday, December 21, 2007

False Hopes

Someone came around the office with envelopes today. For a lovely, fleeting second, I thought, bonus? But it was only the pay stub for the paycheck we'll get while on Christmas break (today is my last day of work until January 2, huzzah!). It's not such a bad deal to have money deposited whilst you're lazing about with friends for nearly two weeks.

Plus, they raised the 401(k) match $500 for next year, so that's not such a bad deal.


Anonymous said...

Bronx Chica- Yeah same happened at my job. It was a x-mas card and $2 scratch ticket fore everyone. Didn't win but would rather cash bonus!

~Dawn said...

I understand how you feel, I started at a new job and found out that they do not give out bonus money - That was a bummer. But they offer some wonderful double-time and a half money for OT... {grin}

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the WSJ article! Now don't get a big head with all this fame :)

Anonymous said...

So, should I have maybe asked about bonuses before I accepted my new job? What do you think?

Moneymonk said...

@SFtoLAgirl - not a good move

They will think you only interested in money

SavingDiva said...

I work at a job without bonuses, so I always get a little jealous when people talk about their bonus checks....oh well!

Anonymous said...

I'm with SD. This season, I read several posts out there in the PF world about Christmas bonuses and thought: maybe?

I guess we don't do that at my company, though there's a tiny part of me that still hopes for something. Oh, expectations.

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