Friday, February 22, 2008

Birthday Spend-o-Rama!

So, we're in the thick of the K's Thirtieth Birthday Extravaganza over here, and so far, it's going really well--we did the just-us incredibly-expensive-and-delicious-dinner-and-really-good-play part of the plan last night, and are heading into the weekend group-celebrating-with-lots-of-people-and-really-big-cake part.

All I can say is, really, that I don't regret spending the money. Not just because of the extraordinary sushi and the weirdly miraculous green tea--it smelled more than tasted like green tea--it tasted like, I don't know, ancient water from underground springs or something--but mostly because sometimes you just have to spoil other people. And a thirtieth birthday is one of those times, I think. One of the things that the spending of money does well, in and of itself, is announce the momentousness of something. And a thirtieth birthday is momentous, and K likes momentousness, and so the money is well spent.


tracyho said...

Happy birthday ,

All the best & Good Luck,

Tracy Ho

J said...

Nothing is more wonderfully decadent than sushi.

Happy birthday to K, and happy (well-planned) spending to you!

Alison said...

mMmm sushi..sounds like a great birthday. It's always the best splurging for birthdays, especially such a big one!

Grad School Girl said...

Hi! I commented on a very early post of yours earlier and have since skimmed/read through your backlog of entries (okay, so I'm a big procrastinator), but I have to say you and I have a lot in common and it makes me happy to find another PF blogger who is in a similar position: money from parents, but wanting fiscal responsibility etc. I just wanted to say hey. Keep on doing what you do!!

asgreen said...

There are time that you have to spend money. If you are interested you I have tagged you on my blog.