Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Break On Through To The Other Side

My lost medical claim, which my insurance had said they'd lost, and which I hadn't yet refiled, came through after all! The check will cover my last and next two unreimbursable medical frolics, and goes a long way towards easing my mind about the current state of my finances. Now all I need to do is submit my freelance invoice at work, and I should be able to file and pay my taxes. O frabjous day!

(And in the background stalks the GRE in Literature in English, all, and then you can study for meeeeee...--I wonder if I use financial worry as a procrastination device?)

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ntbeachnc said...

Hi. I recently found your blog and have now added it to my blogroll. Good luck in your financial journey, and I look forward to reading more.