Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April Goals Update

My net worth is $23,613, which represents an increase of $1,052 or 4.66%. I'm expecting a strong month in May, as it's a three-paycheck month, so hopefully by the end of next month I should be closing in on the $25,000 mark.

I'm revising my net worth goal to $30,000 for this year, which would be an increase of $10,000. I'd factored the assumption of a strong market performance into the previous goal, which turns out to not be a great idea. I hope to beat this goal, but I think my initial goal of $35,000 was overly optimistic.

I made some progress in my 401(k) this month, too:
Fidelity Freedom 2050 Fund: 383.59 shares (last month: 351.2 shares)
Fidelity Total Stock Market Index Fund: 35.3 shares (last month: 32.2 shares)

That said, how are my other goals going?

Earn the full match in my 401(k)
I'm nearly at 50%. At this rate, I'll have earned the full match by the middle of September.

Save $4,000 in the Freedom Fund, for an end balance of $10,000.
My Freedom Fund currently stands at $7,275. It should be quite close to $8,000 by the end of this month.

Earn $1,500 of non-salary income, earmarked for graduate school application expenses.
I'm not doing a great accounting job on this goal...eek. Let's see: I made $35 from a paid link, and $60 from Prosper referrals...decent, but not great. I'm itching to take Google Ads down and replace them with BlogHer ads (technically, you can do both, but I don't want the page overwhelmed by ads), but I haven't yet hit Google's threshold for a payout. It's agonizingly slow.

Buy a friend a drink at least once a month.
I don't think I made this one this month, actually--I offered a couple of times for sure, but I don't think it worked out, actually. I did throw a seder for a bunch of friends at my place, though, so maybe that counts.


Anonymous said...

Nice work! I didn't set a net worth goal (but I do have a NW hope), but rather said I wanted to save X in retirement (and Y in cash), making my goals more dependent on ME than the market. May is going to be a good month for me as well. I hope.

Anonymous said...

I would count a seder -- that's much more work and expense than buying a friend a drink!


Term Life Insurance PopStar said...

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jsavage said...

I'm with Ann'y.

Seders (or any other gathering where you're hosting) definitely counts as even better than buying a friend a drink, since the point is to treat a friend and do something thoughtful, right?

Megan said...

Just wanted to say that I was in MYC yesterday and it reminded me how much I love that city! It was a beautiful day...we were too busy running around to enjoy it too much, but it was nice looking out the windows.

Chris Hynes said...

If you're leaving google ads for good, google will cut you a check even if you haven't reached the threshold. You just totally cancel your adsense account and they mail you a check (or do an EFT).

Anonymous said...

Just do both ads and double your revenue sources! Your page is pretty clean and pretty as it is!!!

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