Thursday, April 17, 2008

Job Decision Update

Thanks for all of the comments on the previous post--they were really helpful. I just wanted to drop a quick update on what's gone down since: I called Prospective New Company's HR department about the benefits package. It sucked. No 401(k) match, high health care premium...the two combined mean that I'd need $4,000 more at New Company than at Current company to break even, and they'd only offered me $2,000 more. No way I'm taking a pay cut to take a more responsible position.

So I wrote the woman I've been talking to about this job all along and told her that. More tactfully, obviously. I just said, look, I called the HR department, they told me the deal, the deal is unsatisfactory. I'm still psyched about the offer, but it has to be higher; please let me know if you can swing that. I gave her a number: $40,000.

So the ball's in her court, and I'm waiting to see how she responds. She sent me a quick note this morning acknowledging my email and promising a response soon (she's at a conference). I feel good about what I did: the email was tactful but firm, and I think I did pretty well at conveying my enthusiasm for the job without caving on the stuff I need (/want).

This means I'm putting off discussing any kind of job change with my current company (I was thinking about going ahead, but my dad pointed out that I won't be coming into the situation from a position of strength). And it means I'm appreciating my excellent benefits at my current company a little more than I did yesterday morning. Counting my blessings!


Craig said...

I glad to hear how you've figured out the equivalent pay for this new job. Excellent job with the negotiations. I've heard that one reason women tend to be paid less than men is that they are less likely to negotiate salary, so you're helping to break the mold. Good luck in your final decision!

QL girl said...

I've gotta hand it to've really done your "homework"!! I think you handled it well with the email as well. Now comes the hard part though....waiting!
Good luck!

glory said...
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Sistah Ant said...

Sounds like you've got this thing under control - good for you!

Oh yeah, and you've been tagged!

Kim said...

That sounds like a great plan to me! Either way, you'll be getting a reasonable deal (aka not getting screwed). :-)

Jen said...

Oh, sigh, E.M. I now find myself with a very similar dilemma! My old company closed at the beginning of March, laying off all its employees. I finally got an offer from a new company today, a place where I really want to work, but they're offering about 20% LESS than my old job plus it means relocating ... I'm waiting for info on benefits (perhaps they have some sort of fabulous retirement matching?) and working on my negotiation strategy but you are so right about this being tough! Kudos to you for your strength and assertiveness and thank you for sharing your stories with us all.

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