Saturday, April 19, 2008

My New Baby

I've alluded to this a couple of times on this blog, but it's mostly up and running now, and you can go check it out:

Please welcome The Interpreted World!

I do, frankly, think of this both an investment and a career move, and I'm interested both in the possibility that it can (eventually) earn me income on a month-to-month basis and can (possibly) get me a job doing what I love, which is analyzing, criticizing, processing, interpreting. But in the short term, it's a way to hone my writing skills and a source of personal satisfaction, and though I haven't hit my stride yet, I'm looking forward to carrying the project forward. I invite you to check it out, comment, subscribe, all that good stuff.

My brilliant and generous boyfriend did all the design. He's not credited yet, because the one thing he can't be pinned down to do is take credit for his work, but he did it, and he deserves recognition for it. But I'd love your feedback on the site: anything that looks weird, works weird, reads weird—let me know.



Anonymous said...


curious... said...

i'm confused about what the point of your new project website is....can you explain a little bit more? also, is the income that you hope to generate through ads?

Sense said...

I agree that i don't really understand the focus of the new blog at first glance, however, I am blown away by the quality of the content. each post reads like a very well edited, very thought-out article in a highly respected magazine or newspaper. great job, keep it up and you will go...FAR.

i'll bet you get some freelance writing assignments from it, and pretty quickly.

Sense said...

also, my first instinct about the design of the site is that it needs...color. it's so very...blank. but maybe that's part of the idea that you are trying to convey?

but i like the tree on the hillside--it goes along nicely with your elegy reference--and i like the script.

Grace said...

dear EM:

it's an excellent career move if you're moving (sidling?) into academia, criticism, and/ or theory. I've never actually explored this, but it got me thinking: how many academics, particularly in literature, blog? How many express their creativity and/ or oddball view of the world online?

You know, at some point, you may have to attach your real name to the blog. Preferably after you've published in, you know, Shakespeare Quarterly or Papers in Language and Literature or something. :)

Anonymous said...

I think it looks nice, and doesn't need color, though if you wanted a little I don't think it would hurt. Very calming. I'm assuming the handwriting bits are your handwriting... there should be an online quiz to guess people's majors from their handwriting.

I would ask that you have alt attributes put in on your images, though, since sometimes it's helpful to browse without pictures, have text there for slow connections, etc.

Anonymous said...

Looks good, EM. I can see where you're going. I can't wait to see how you generate continued interest -- because, sadly,let's face it: we're in the minority.

That said, I was shocked that I didn't see the Elegant Variation on your blogroll. It's more of a catch-all what's-going-on-in-the-world-of-books than an interpretive blog, but you know!

More comments later!

TheLocoMono said...

It is very nice, I like the header. Just found your blog today so looking forward to reading more. Was looking around for PF blogs to tag in a meme since I got tagged and wanted to broaden my horizon so hope you participate. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

I agree with writing because it pays to diversify your topics, I know I have become a better writer but still have a ways to go.

Anonymous said...

looks very cool. though--I was going to add it but the RSS button didn't lead anywhere and google reader didn't recognize it. (maybe it's just my browser.) hope it will, soon. :)

English Major said...

Beloved anonymous, never leave me. Your cryptic musings...ah!

Grace, a TON of academics blog. Like, a lot. I've got University Diaries on my blogroll at the new site, and from there you can find myriad academic blogs. I actually do have my first name up there (contact section!), and am not averse to eventually slapping its sibling up there too.

fellow, I'll take another look at the Elegant Variation. I don't want to include too many clearinghouses, but I appreciate the tip!

anonymous, you can find RSS feeds under the "subscribe" heading. Thanks for your feedback here, though--I emailed my webmaster-boyfriend and we're going to make sure that section is intuitively navigable.

Kim said...

Congratulations! I'm so proud - is that weird?

I am officially subscribed to the new blog, and can't wait to start reading!

Sierra said...

EM, I love BOTH blogs! How will you balance the upkeep of both? I hope one doesn't get sacrificed for the other ... both are intriguing, valuable, and worth it!

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