Tuesday, April 08, 2008

So Many Interviews!

I thought I had a firm offer coming to me, but instead, I've been asked to come down to the office on Thursday (during my lunch hour, I guess?) to meet the Editor-in-Chief of the entire publishing group. She doesn't work in the office I'd be working in...my sense (from previous conversations) is that the director of the New York office wants to make me a higher offer than her HR department will authorize without the okay of the big boss. Hopefully, if I impress her, I get an offer I'll want to snap up.

Seriously, making $40,000 (plus bonus!) instead of $34,000 would mean a lot to my life and my finances. That's the figure I'm crossing my fingers for, the figure I'd definitely switch for. It would make enough of a difference that I'm almost considering buying new shoes for the Thursday interview. Surely that's overkill, though.


Anonymous said...

Good luck!

For this interview, you should definitely dress like you've already got the job and its extra $6k in salary. If that means buying new shoes, do it! Surely you'll wear them again, and these things do get noticed.

Anonymous said...

congrats! i mean it seems like they really like you. get new shoes! u won't regret it. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm crossing my fingers for you! Even I'M excited!!

I don't know what shoes you have now, but if you think you'll need them go for it! A nice pair of shoes always makes me stand a little taller and walk a little straighter! Best of luck to you...

Laura said...

Good luck - that's awesome! If you already have a decent pair of shoes that would go with your planned outfit and will look polished, I say wear those - the bigwig won't know the difference :) But if you don't have an appropriate pair at the moment, splurge and buy them. You want to look like you can dress the part for the job, should they decide to offer it to you.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Kim said...

new shoes = yes. Sometimes a girl needs to dress to impress! and hey, the Editor-in-Chief is a woman, so maybe she'll even notice! ;-)

Sense to Dollars said...

goood luck! You def. deserve it. the shoes can be worn to any job, right? if the shoes will help you get what you want, spare no expense.

mfaorbust said...

It definitely bodes well that you're meeting with the EOC! I hope they'll come back with the $40K you want (and doubtlessly deserve).

A nice pair of dress shoes are always good to have on hand. My pre-interview regimen includes an eyebrow wax. Next time around, I might even spring for a manicure.

Anonymous said...

@mfaorbust: I totally agree with you--an eyebrow wax is a necessity! Good luck, English Major!

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