Monday, April 16, 2007

Frugal Challenge: $5/day

So, I sent an extra $50 to my Freedom Fund the other day, leaving me about $15 to live on until Thursday, when I get paid. I've actually got more than $1,000 in my checking account, so the stakes are low if I need to go over that a little, but I've only got (about) $15 budgeted to live on until Thursday. I don't anticipate that being too hard--I'll have to buy lunch today, since I spent last night at my parents' (it was pouring) and didn't get to pack anything, but other than drinks to go with packed lunches tomorrow and Wednesday, I don't anticipate any further expenses. I have food in the house (two mangoes, a couple of bananas, peanut butter, some canned soup, some pasta and turkey meatballs...that should do it), a Metrocard in my wallet, and no expensive outings planned.

I'm glad to be getting a move on towards my savings goals--I've put $150 above and beyond my automated transactions into this account over the past month--but it does always feel a little pinched when I do it like this. Luckily, my deadline's not far away.