Monday, April 02, 2007

Things I Currently Want but Have No Concrete Plans to Buy

-A cold brewing system for making summer iced coffees.
-A set of pitchers (for coffee concentrate & sugar water, for making summer iced coffees).
-A fancy pipe (for smoking tobacco products only). I saw this really beautiful one with a long, thin, curved stem...cobalt blue glass...pretty!
-A million sundresses.
-Two pairs of boots, one each in black and brown.
-Tons and tons of sandals.
-This one really pretty bolero cardigan.
-A manicure, a pedicure, an eyebrow wax, and a lower-leg wax (I will, reluctantly, do it my own self--I actually do a good job of doing my own eyebrows and nails, but I hate putting in the time).
-A plane ticket to [the small city in which I went to college].
-A windowbox herb garden.
-A cigarette case.
-Sushi and sorbet every day from now until October.
-An ice cream machine for making my own sorbet.
-The Lives of Others on DVD.

I will be buying some clothing for the spring, soon, and I'm looking into getting the cold-brewing system cheap on eBay, but most of these are things I just won't buy, because I can't afford 'em and can live without 'em. That's the ultimate bottom line of any budget: can't afford it? Then don't buy it. I think we do sometimes gloss over that part of financial responsibility: it's not all bargain-hunting and resourcefulness--there are things you just have to give up, sometimes.


3 Things About Money said...

Great list! This is the hardest thing for me, accepting that there are just some things I have to give up. Ah well, I keep my eyes on the debt-free prize.

plonkee said...

Yep, realising you can't have things is not as much fun as going out and buying them. But its a whole lot more fun than paying off debt that you can't afford.

AK said...

Hi there :) I'm a phd student trying to save money (my blog is and I read on your blog that you wanted to buy a cigarette case. I have a Louis Vuitton cigarette case that I have absolutely no use for (as I gave up smoking). If you like it, I can post it to you, as I would love to see it go to a good home :) (free of course!)


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