Wednesday, April 04, 2007

FSA Follies

Oh, man, I did like eight things wrong when buying my new monthly MetroCard this morning. (Okay, three.)

First, I swiped my debit card before actually entering what I wanted to buy. No harm no foul, but still, wrong!

Then, after selecting a monthly unlimited card, I swiped my debit card again. My debit card. The whole point of having a credit card is so that I can float transactions like this, things that I don't have the actual cash for since they're FSA expenses. So: wrong!

Then, after paying with my debit card, the machine asks me if I want a receipt. I tell it no, because it's not like I need to submit a receipt for reimbursement or anything. Wrong!

I think I can get reimbursement with a transaction report from my checking account--it's clearly labeled MTA, and there's really only one kind of thing you can buy from the MTA, and that one thing is reimbursable--but nevertheless, watch and learn: a full night of sleep really does work wonders.

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