Thursday, June 28, 2007

July Goals

Much as I set a few goals for June, to break things down into small, achievable units and keep myself moving towards my larger goals, I'll set a few for July.

1. Add $250 to the Freedom Fund
This is $150 over my autodrafts. It shouldn't be too much of a problem, but it's not a low bar, either. This would bring the account balance to $2,550. My hope is that by the end of the summer, when I've added my matured CD to this account, the balance will be edging very close to $4,000.
2. Add an extra $20 to the Travel Fund
I don't usually add extra money to the Travel Fund, beyond my biweekly $25 autodrafts. But especially now while I grind away at GRE math, it's nice to think about going somewhere amazing.
3. Submit the things I need to submit
This is a financial goal because they're financial things. I need to submit an invoice for the last two months' freelance work, and apply for reimbursement on some medical bills. I hate doing this stuff, and I find it intimidating because I don't really know how to do it. I have to overcome that this month, especially because I'm going to want to pay for the GRE, and the whole point of the freelance gig is to do that, which it will not do if I don't get paid.
4. "Eat down" my current food supplies, buying groceries judiciously
I've got a ton of food in the house. That should mean spending less on groceries this month, and having a little slack in the grocery budget as well as in the eating out budget.
5. Buy that darn Feist album already!
Seriously, planned spending.


HC said...

I have gotten to the office every day this week and cursed myself for not bringing my pharmacy receipts.

I can't get reimbursed without them!

At any rate, good luck with all your goals.

Krystal said...

Great goals! I've been thinking of putting aside some cash in a travel fund as well.

Also agreed about the submitting of medical bills or reimbursements of any kind. It's such a hassle especially when the forms are so confusing.

SF Money Musings said...

It took me an hour to fill out the paperwork, circle the prices and items on the receipts for medical reimbursement. These are receipts that accumulated over the last few months so it was really challenging because I kept filling it out wrong.

I love Feist - she's so multi-talented musically and just watching her live is amazing.

On a side note, my sister went to Housing Works a few days ago and found quite a top for $4. The bargains are incredible. Thanks for the tip!

Nick said...

Awesome goals! I wish I had started when I was 23. Best of luck with the extra savings, they can really add up.