Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Big Old Spending Mishmash

The dress didn't work out. I tried it on when it arrived yesterday, and it was well-nigh a disaster: cheap, flimsy, and definitely homely. Yuck. I'm going to take it back to Macy's in person (to save the return shipping), and maybe try on another dress I spotted on their website, a black sequiny deal. (I should really do my shopping in person--shipping is expensive and annoying, but when online shopping goes right, and something you really like is delivered to your door and you didn't have to get exhausted and grumpy in a fluorescent-lit dressing room...heaven.) In the meantime, though, I jumped on a sale and bought another silver dress, hoping to salvage the original metallic concept.

I don't imagine Macy's will refund the shipping charge, so that's annoying. And the new dress, even with the sale, is some $20 more than the old one, plus shipping, and it's all a little bit of a mess in my head right now. Aaargh.

This is what I really hate, when my plans get all messy in my head, and I don't know what's going on, and there's stuff floating around on my credit card bill. Aaargh.

I think, though, that if I take the dress in to Macy's on Saturday, and return some stuff I've been meaning to return to Old Navy (note to self: can I just take them into the store? There's one on 34th St., right near Macy's), the credit returned to my Visa should be enough to cover the cost of the new dress without any additional tinkering. Which would be really nice.


Kim said...

I hate when the numbers get all jumbly in my head. It is at this point at which I usually call upon The Boy to make me feel silly for not being able to do what is fairly simple math. Numbers + me = bad news though, and I know it.

I also echo your thoughts on online shopping and dressing room frustration, though because of my consistent lack of shopping luck, I cannot order clothing online, for the very same frustrating reasons you're talking about (the returning and the shipping and all that). In my hunt for a holiday party dress, I tried on upwards of 40 dresses (literally.) only to end up ordering the one I saw online weeks ago...and crossing my fingers hoping it gets here on time and fits!

hazygrey said...

you can definitely return the old navy stuff you got online to their stores.

Esme said...

oooo, I love it when something comes in the mail and it's just perfect. But it sucks when it isn't. It's a gamble :)