Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dress Dilemma

Checking in on the holiday dress I've picked out at Macy's website (the things I do at work!), I was thrilled to note it had gone on sale: $48! I was less thrilled to note that the gold, the color I really wanted, had sold out in my size. Damn. I suppose I could wait to see if they restock the gold... But less-than-$50 is a great deal on an occasion dress, and it's a limited-time offer for their Thanksgiving sale, so I'm sucking it up and going for the silver. I can still wear vamp-red lipstick and the shoes I was planning on; I'll just have to change up the jewelry a bit. I'll be sure to put it on my credit card: that way, I can return it with a minimum of fuss if it turns out all wrong.

(You're right, S/100/30, the lack of image was really an omission.)


S/100/30 said...

Dude, no link? Pictures!

Avel Angelica said...

Hi English Major,

Found your blog about a month ago and am enjoying it.

I'm a lot older( you're mom's age) and have a suggestion about your Christmas dress...Check out the thrift stores. They have wonderful bargains and many party dresses too.
You could find something for <$10 and still look beautiful in it because your nice personality would show through.
Think about it. Could save you a bunch of money.