Thursday, November 01, 2007

November Goals

It's November, and there are goals, oh yes. Here they are!

1. Don't dip into my savings for my trip to France.
My goal here is to cover spending money for my trip with my birthday money, some freelance income, and general cashflow. I think I can do it, but I'm not totally sure. One smart thing I did: making sure to book my flight out of JFK, which means I can take the subway there instead of a cab. I may be too jetlagged to suffer the long subway ride home on the other end, though.

2. Add $700 to the Freedom Fund
November is a three-paycheck month, and I got paid today. I've already transfered the portion of my paycheck that would usually go to rent, plus a little more, to the Freedom Fund, and my $75 autodraft has been added as well, so I'm $450 of the way there on the first of the month.

3. Get reimbursed on the last medical bill & my flex spending
I hate filing forms! I will do it anyway!


gildedbutterfly said...

Great goals! I hate filing forms, too, but think how great you'll feel when you can put a big check mark next to that one! :)

MindBoggled said...

The best way to get to Manhattan from JFK is to take the LIRR. It's only a little bit more expensive but SO much faster. Great for coming back from long trips.

English Major said...

mindboggled, thanks for the tip--I'll look into that. I think on my return trip that won't be the way to go, just because Penn Station is just as far from my apartment as JFK itself (I'm right at the Manhattan side of the Triborough), but I'll definitely check it out.