Tuesday, March 04, 2008

2008 Goals Update: February

Here's where I'm at in my march towards my 2008 goals.

Earn the full match in my 401(k)
I've earned 22% of it. At this rate, I'll have maxed it out by the end of October.

Save $4,000 in the Freedom Fund, for an end balance of $10,000.
I saved a mere $225 of income this month. It was a spendy month because of K's birthday. This brings me to a total of $775, or 18.1% of my goal. I'm still on track.

Give $1,200 to good causes.
I came up $50 short of my scheduled $100 this month. I hope to make it up later in the year.

Earn $1,500 of non-salary income, earmarked for graduate school application expenses.
Five ING referral bonuses and five Pinecone Research checks bring me up to $280.35, or 18.7% of my goal. No checks yet for blog ads--I'm closing in on getting a check from Google, though.

Buy a friend a drink at least once a month.
Although I usually don't count him for these things, I think the wildly expensive meal I bought K for his birthday covers this one pretty solidly. Other than that, I bought a friend some tea.

Achieve a net worth of $35,000.
My February net worth calculations are up at NetWorthIQ: I upped it by a scant $508, or 2.39%. Not great, but not too terrible, either, in this month of hefty spending. It would be awesome if I could make some damn money in my 401(k) and IRA. I was counting on some investment gains when I set that goal.


change is a good thing said...

Great work on your goals, I'm impressed! Thanks for sharing!

pennypincher said...

Because of blogs like yours, I have decided to start budgeting for 2008. I am two years out of law school and basically live paycheck to paycheck, which is crazy. I will want to make some graphs like you have on the left sidebar. Can you tell me how?