Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hipster Mortgage Night

Without actually confessing to being a hipster ('cause I'm not; want to make something of it? Me and my PBR will meet you outside), let me just say that I'm psyched to hear about Hipster Mortgage Night. There's an event in Williamsburg one week from today, and the organizers have cited an interest in "help[ing] the city's creative class house itself," which--yeah. Freelancers, artists, and creatives of all kinds could avoid being priced out of "our" neighborhoods if we could/would buy up the real estate. The organizers promise to "show you what current listings your money can buy."

I kind of know the answer to that question already ("A run-down studio in Backwater, Queens, if I'm lucky!"), but I'm considering going anyway. You could, too: the link above has details.


skittlbrau said...

I don't know about this particular session, but I have heard really bad things about the "Homebuying for Hipsters" class.

Have you considered Jackson Heights, if you're looking to buy? There's great food, plentiful transit, and buying there is relatively affordable, in the NYC scheme of things.

English Major said...

Truthfully, skittlbrau, I shouldn't be thinking about buying anyway, since I'm all but sure that I'll be packing my bags for grad school in fall of '09. It's just kind of a what-if-my-life-were-different fantasy.

Escape Brooklyn said...

Ha! I've seen this event advertised elsewhere and must confess I was intrigued. Glad to see you're similarly curious!

Sistah Ant said...

hipsters are not bad, so if you are one, it's okay with me.

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