Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring is for New Beginnings

I was at my aunt and uncle's for Easter yesterday, and was struck by how much pride in and respect for the older generation has for me and my cousins. In the smoky, crowded kitchen, the champagne flowing freely, my mother talking about parenting teenagers to an old family friend, I felt a safety net there: if there were ever a disaster, I could rely on these kind people, all these people who love me, to help me in whatever way they might be able.

It gives me a little leeway to take risks.

Today I sent off a project to the director of development at the company at which I'm being considered for a job. It's sort of an audition-project, in the stead of a second round of interviews. It's probably not the absolute pinnacle of my abilities--I'm coming down with something, and was a bit fuzzy-headed while finishing it--but I'm proud of my work, and since I've already been told that I'm a strong contender, I think there's a solid shot that I'll get an offer from this company. (And if I do, I think there's a solid shot that it'd be $10K more than I make now.)

And there's a project of mine, a personal-slash-professional one, that's pressing on me, growing more urgent. I'm almost ready to raid my savings account to get it going. Almost. You'll know when I do.

It's almost spring; I'm young and smart; good things are coming.


Ms. M&P said...

I love feeling and knowing that good things are coming. Best of luck with the new endeavors. ;)

Sistah Ant said...

so glad to hear you sounding so upbeat!

Michelle said...

Spring is definitely in the air-- was in Prospect Park this weekend and buds are on the trees. Hooray for new beginnings :)

matt sullivan said...

You have a great attitude. Good things are coming for is an amazing adventure.

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