Thursday, May 10, 2007

The $300 Kitchen

For the recent or soon-to-be college grad in your life, this handy article from the Times lays out a plan for purchasing the necessities of a well-equipped kitchen for $300.

I contend that with a bit of savvy, patience and a willingness to forgo steel-handle knives, copper pots and other extravagant items, $200 can equip a basic kitchen that will be adequate for just about any task, and $300 can equip one quite well.

The key point? Restaurant supply stores. Every city has one, and if it's good enough for the pros, it's good enough for the beginning home cook.


SavingDiva said...

Great article!

Caroline said...

You can probably spend even less than $200 if you know people who are getting rid of some of their kitchen equipment.

I recently moved into my own place, and was fortunate that my parents have accumulated enough kitchen equipment in the past 30 years that they had some to give away, my grandparents were downsizing to a retirement village and a friend of my boyfriend's parents had a whole pile of thing he didn't want after he kosherized his kitchen.

SF Money Musings said...

Mark Bittman is a master at minimalism. I still have yet to try his no-knead bread recipe - no cast iron pot but I've seen it done with aluminum pots.

And it's possible to buy those supplies for less than $300. A combination of searching out clearance pots at department stores or Bed Bath and Beyond can help cut down the costs.

AMIT said...

Superb information.

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