Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekend Spending

So, the good news is that I found this amazing bar in my neighborhood on Friday, with live salsa music and a patio and mojitos made with cane syrup and homegrown-tasting mint, and the other good news is that I sat there with my boyfriend and a friend from college who was briefly in town before leaving for Africa today and another friend from college who's just gotten home from a year of teaching in France and we toasted our bright academic prospects (we were all three of us English majors in the same graduating class who have our eyes on the Ph.D. prize) over shots of Cuervo and everything smelled wonderful and I could feel the summer coming, and the future too.

The bad news is that I spent $35 on drinks. Three mojitos and the aforementioned Cuervo shot came to $28, and then I picked up a drink for the friend-back-from-France (with K), and then tip...and then no money left. I had to turn down three social opportunities because I had basically zero discretionary dollars left after that. I skipped a friend's going-away party on Saturday partly because I was tired and partly because I was grumpy at the prospect of going out and not being able to drink, and I turned down a last-minute trip to Atlantic City for a friend's birthday on the same night because duh, no money, and I skipped tea with the back-from-France friend on Sunday because, um, still broke.

In general, I think I prefer to do more and drink less on each occasion, but nevertheless, I had a really lovely time on Friday, and it is nice to just go out and get tipsy with friends sometimes. I just really, really don't have the means to be out and about and spending money constantly. And sometimes that bugs, but it's a reality, and I'd rather face it and try to work around it than put $60 worth of entertainment costs on a credit card every weekend.


S/100/30 said...

Ph.D. prize

"Prize"? Heh. Heh heh heh. Heh!

Anonymous said...

Yup, I totally get that. Friday night a coworker hosted a Bday at a bar with rather overpriced and eh drinks, so I was stuck drinking $6 Stellas all night. Ugh. On the other hand, I had an awesome time and in retrospect am glad I shelled out the cash, even though it was pushing the limits of affordability. If I could have swung it, I would have loved to have bought a round of shots for everyone, but alas. I wish I had more friends right here in bay ridge, where there is a ton of amazing, cheap (and do I mean cheap!) bars.

This is the nature of new york.