Thursday, May 31, 2007

Frugal Food Day 1

Not a great success today in the frugal-food department, but abject failure was staved off. Yes, I brought breakfast and lunch from home, but skimped in the departments of "varied" and "delicious" (not to mention "not so full of sodium it's liable to make your arteries implode"). Breakfast was the usual, which (as I mentioned) doesn't bother me, but I put off preparing lunch last night and didn't have time this morning: I grabbed some carrots & hummus and (here's the gross part, coming up) a Cup Noodles. That's right: ramen. And right after Trent said he was pleased not to hear about ramen, too!

Anyway, I got lucky: there's an office party for a departing colleague this afternoon, and the carrots and hummus will tide me over until I can munch on some free cheese, crackers, and fruit. The ramen will remain on my shelf, a salty reminder to make time to pack my damn lunch.


Strange Bird said...

Haha! My standby when I'm in a hurry is a toasted cheese sandwhich and, trust me, it sounds better than it tastes.

Krystal said...

My last-resort lunch I keep at work is a can of Chef Boyardi ravioli, which is probably just as yucky as ramen noodles.

At least you were able to score free food from the office party!

English Major said...

strange bird, is a toasted cheese sandwich different than a grilled cheese sandwich? Because I love me some grilled cheese sandwiches. ("Grilled" in this particular context means "fried in butter," you understand.)

Krystal, for me, Chef Boyardi is yuckier than ramen. Texture is the most important attribute of food to me, and the combination of limp, overdone pasta and powdery filling makes me want to actually hurl. Cup Noodles violates my texture preferences, too, in the puffy balloon graininess of the little chunks of things that are supposed to make you think it's almost like real food and not reconstituted salt astronaut food, but one can at least avoid 'em.

But yeah, crackers & brie & grapes beat both.

SF Money Musings said...

When I run out of time or I'm too lazy to make lunch - I grab a can of garbanzo beans. Not the most novel idea but it beats eating nothing or buying from the cafe.

Some of my coworkers bring a loaf of bread with some peanut butter or a pack of cheese and stick it in the fridge. One person even brought a few 64oz boxes of soymilk to stick in the fridge instead of drinking coffee. For a small fridge at work, everyone manages to somehow fit what they need in there.

Strange Bird said...

Oh, if only. A toasted cheese sandwhich involves only two slices of bread with a slice of cheese in between stuck in the office toaster oven. If there was butter and fried-ness, it would certainly be a lot more appealing.

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