Saturday, May 05, 2007


I spent very nearly $200 on my hair today, including tips and product, and I'm not sorry. My hair is adorable. I have a choppy layered bob and shiny, happy curls.

On the more frugal end, I think what I'll do is pick up a hair scissor and trim my scraggly split ends myself for a bit in order to extend the length of the cut, because while, as previously mentioned, I'm not sorry for spending $200 on my hair, I don't want to do it every day.

(I'll also be sending the excess in the "haircut" envelope to savings & starting fresh on that envelope.)


Rusty aka Emma said...

hey there, just come across your blog and it seems that we are in a similar situation.
Glad that you had your hair done today, sometimes the expense is justified. Looking forward to hearing more about your life in this blog.

Jenn @ Frugal Upstate said...

Now that you've had your hair done at the expensive place, is there any chance that you could get the next 1 or 2 trims at a less expensive place? It would certainly keep the cost down quite a bit if you only had to have the "good" place do your hair every 3rd time or so.

Also, can you keep the cost down by not having them wash your hair before (just wet it) and not having them blow dry and style it afterwards? Those things actually do add on to your charge in big salons.

Just a thought!

English Major said...

Hi Jenn--

Follow-ups at a cheaper salon are definitely something I'm considering--I'm also considering maintaining the cut on my own for awhile.

Curly hair salons don't (or SHOULD never) cut hair wet, so that's not an issue--and I've never been to an expensive salon where blow-drying and styling was extra. I think at a certain level of "upscale"-ness, it becomes an expected part of the service as a whole.

Thanks for your input!

Terri said...

And here I thought $150 was bad! I get my cut maintained at a less expensive place and do the $150 things 3x a year. It's my one extravagance, but I still feel guilty even though I sink the funds for it every month!