Tuesday, May 01, 2007

April Net Worth

I worked out my net worth update for April this morning (it's posted at NetWorthIQ). It saw quite a jump, which I didn't expect, given the money I spent on clothes (about $335). Granted, I did work pretty hard to get some extra money into the Freedom Fund, but I think the increase is really attributable to growth in my retirement accounts.

I'm still not really sure if this is a metric that works for me--there are so many contingencies and variables. Overall, the trajectory does seem to be right, but when I add it up, I just end up poking lots of holes in the result. It's still useful for a rough comparison, I suppose.

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Strange Bird said...

I've decided to stop tracking mine, actually, until I have some actual investments to track. Otherwise the spend/save (and not invest) way I live my life makes this pretty useless.