Friday, June 01, 2007

Frugal Food Day 2

Definitely an improvement over yesterday—I took some time while making dinner last night to make some penne with pesto and Pecorino cheese (a cheap and pretty tasty, if not particularly nutritionally varied, lunch: about $1.75 per serving). I was hoping I'd have leftover spinach-apple salad to pack, but K and I ate it all up and I didn't want to open the other package of spinach lest the rest of it go bad. So there were more carrots. I'm still working on the variety (and some protein would have been nice, too), but Trader Joe's pesto is really delicious, and I was happy with my lunch. Breakfast was the usual—I had brought a banana to eat with breakfast or as a snack, but then I gave it to a homeless guy on the train.

So not bad: I brought a reasonably tasty lunch and didn't spend a penny on food today. I can still do better, though, in the "interesting" and "delicious" categories. And come Monday, I will.


The Big Saver said...

I know this is only day 2 of the Frugal Food this your first time trying this?

I've seen this on a lot of the other blogs, and might just try it myself.

I'll be back to watch your progress

Sarah said...

I found your blog this weekend and I have to say, I'm inspired. Not only by your frugal meals (which I am trying) but by your whole approach. Good work. I'm going to tackle my own finances now.