Wednesday, June 27, 2007

June Goals: Update

So, I set a few goals for June. Here's a check-in on how I did:

1. Add $175 to my Freedom Fund balance.
I beat this bar—I added $275, for a balance of $2,300. I was super-aggressive with my savings this month.
2. Add $50 to my Travel Fund balance.
3. Cashflow purchase of the Oxford Companion to English Literature.
After learning that swapping for personal-use books isn't totally verboten, I swapped for it, so no money was necessary.
4. Buy sandals and Feist's new album.
Check on the sandals—they're cute white strappy Hush Puppies with real stack heels—but I haven't bought the Feist album yet. I'll roll this one over to July. Seriously, I have a problem with planned spending.

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