Thursday, June 07, 2007

Frugal Food Day 6

In some ways, starting this frugal food experiment this week has been very poor timing. I've suddenly become frantically busy--I'm prepping for the GREs three days a week (2 at my prep course, one with friends for the subject test, plus the required hours of at-home prep for the prep course), working my freelance job, still tutoring at one of my two tutoring organizations, finishing a big-deal independent project at work, training a new intern, and trying to maintain my sleep schedule and social life. I've been truly pressed for time to cook--it would have been far easier to just have bought my lunch--and I haven't had time to shop, either, so the whole thing's been sort of based on what I have in the house. Supplies are now dwindling--I'm out of yogurt for my morning parfaits, and pretty much down to plain pasta and canned soup in other respects (though there are still the supplies for the spinach salad, which I hope to make for tomorrow--I didn't get to do it today; I made a pasta salad with chicken sausage instead). I hope to get to Trader Joe's tomorrow.

I'm glad I'm doing it, overall--why else would I just have extended the term?--and I've got a much better sense now of what I need to have in the house to ensure that I can bring delicious, interesting, well-rounded meals. I've been great at just packing a lunch this week, but for the rest of the challenge's term, I want to aspire to pack awesome lunches, and my next round of grocery shopping can help me do that. I have a very thorough shopping list written out already.


Anonymous said...

Hi, packing lunches is a good idea. Would you mind sharing the shopping list or lunches you make within a short time and are easy?

Rusty aka Emma said...

a shopping list is essential when you hit the grocery store. I have found that I have cut my food bill quite considerably by planning my meals before hand and then writing a list to take with me. I have also become very strict with not picking up additional items...but sometimes those special offers just shout come and buy me.