Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Frugal Food Days...3 and 4?

My numbering system got weird, here. Whatever.

Yesterday, I brought breakfast (the usual) and lunch (the remaining tupperware of penne with pesto) to work, which would have been fine had K and I not decided, in an impromptu fashion, to go see a friend's show that evening. So I bought a snack to tide me over until we got home: $5. Damn.

Today, I brought breakfast (the usual) and lunch (turkey meatballs with mushroom marinara), as well as a couple of snacks (carrots & kalamata hummus, a free sample of some granola-adjacent snack product). I have my first GRE prep course today, and it's a diagnostic test, so I really don't want to be thinking about being hungry rather than thinking about the test, so if I'm really hungry, I'll buy a snack. But I also have a (slightly squashed) Luna bar in my bag, so I think I should be okay.

I'm considering doing some grocery shopping on FreshDirect, because of how busy I am at the moment and because they're running a special where you get 25% off your first two orders (I've never ordered from them before). But when I checked out the site last night, it looked way more expensive than my regular grocery stores (Trader Joe's and Fairway). Four bucks for a clamshell of spinach? Nine for a frozen pizza? Really? Maybe I can get some reasonably priced staples, though.

Anyway, the frugal food project putters along--I definitely feel more comfortable in my food budget than I have in previous weeks, and I think the results are somewhat skewed by my IKEA anxiety (i.e. my desire to come in significantly under budget, rather than right at budget), and I think I'm starting to learn some new habits that I intend to continue to cultivate.

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PiggyBank Raider said...

Interesting posts. Frugal eating is probably one of my biggest problems... I tend to love restaurant food, and we eat out a lot. I'm interested to see how your frugal eating goes!