Monday, June 11, 2007

Frugal Food: Day 7, the Weekend, Day 8

I slipped up last Friday, and got an iced coffee from Starbucks with a colleague when she invited me out. I suppose I should have said I wasn't interested in the coffee, but was interested in the walk--since that was basically the truth--but I shelled out the $3.

A relatively food-frugal weekend was a nice surprise, and let me put extra money from my eating out budget towards my IKEA purchase of last weekend, so that's a plus. I ate in on Friday night and all Saturday (also on Saturday, I made banana bread with exclusively ingredients I already had in the house, which was a great addition), spent $10 on coffee/brunch with friends on Sunday morning, and ordered sushi with K on Sunday night from a relatively cheap local place (I actually don't even know how much it cost; he paid).

Today, all I had to do was wake up, make a yogurt parfait, and roll on out the door--both of my other meals are subsidized (lunch by my boss, dinner by K's production company). I'll make a big pasta salad tonight when I get home, and then I'll be pretty well set for the week.

Lesson learned: once you've got a plan and have done corresponding grocery shopping, execution isn't particularly difficult.

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