Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I'm in a pretty slow time, financially: there's not much to do at the moment (I'm not complaining). The one thing I need to not let off my financial radar is filing for FSA reimbursement by the end of this week. If I file for reimbursement by the 24th, I should be reimbursed in a timely enough fashion that I shouldn't have to lay out any of my own money for next month's Metrocard. Nevertheless, I'm concerned about my ability to do so. Here's the barrier: I don't know where the forms are. My HR rep explained thusly: "They're right outside my old office." Of course, I wasn't here before she moved offices, so...I have no idea where that is, and I'm embarassed to ask. Yep: that's the barrier. That's it. I'm embarassed that I haven't been here long enough to know where someone's old office is, and reluctant to ask yet another question that underlines that fact.

It's amazing how something as insignificant as that can get between a girl and the $76 she needs to get around the city, but it can. Hm.


HC said...


Here, copy and paste this into an email (filling in the appropriate blanks). Then send it before you can feel awkward.:

[HR Rep],

I realized that I didn't start working here until you had already moved offices. Would you mind giving me your old office number so I can head down and find those forms?



As a person who has been in an office for awhile, I can tell you that nobody looks down on a relatively new employee for not knowing things, especially one who is taking the initiative to fix the problem.

ispf said...

Or you can say to the person in your neighboring cube, "Hey, do you remember where [HR Rep]'s old office was?" :)

Anyway, glad you are back on your feet and back to blogging.